Dear Partners, within the framework of the program for reducing warehouse balances and vacating warehouse premises, Smart Maritime Group LLC offers for sale used equipment that is not used in the production cycle, illiquid goods and materials and industrial waste.

The entire list of sold equipment and goods and materials is provided in the file "Illiquid equipment and goods and materials" – download

We accept your applications in electronic form by еmail

Before submitting your application, make sure that it contains:

  1. the name of the organization or individual;
  2. info about the person who contacted us, with phone number for feedback;
  3. a list of equipment or goods and materials of interest, indicating the inventory (or nomenclature) numbers, as well as the planned volume for purchase;
  4. the proposed purchase price with VAT, UAH per unit.

Preferred Terms of Sale:

  • The price of products is determined as a result of an open auction or through marketing research of average market prices
  • Terms of payment - prepayment 100%
  • Terms of delivery - pickup

In case of questions or inquiries, contact me on the email: or call: +380 (67) 218 86 71

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Illiquid equipment and goods and materials to be sold
20 August 2020
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