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The production program is focused on construction of multi-purpose vessels, tankers, offshore vessels, tugs, other types of ships as well as hull construction and manufacture of offshore structures.

Production facilities and equipment of SMG shipbuilding sites allow for performance of complete vessel’s construction cycle starting from steel cutting and hull formation and up to installation of propulsion unit, execution of outfitting works on vessel and mounting of special systems on turnkey basis.

With ship construction on turnkey basis such works as electrical installation, insulation, outfitting of cabins and compartments, works on ventilation and air conditioning of spaces can be done with subcontracting both domestic and foreign contractors.

For the past 11 years the yards built more than 40 vessels, including:

  • Dry-cargo vessel, Project RSD20 for Moscam Shipping;
  • 5 tugs for PKL,
  • 10 hulls of offshore vessels for Kleven Maritime AS;
  • 12 hulls of river chemical tankers for Veka Shipbuilding B.V. and Zanen Shipbuilding B.V.