Metalworking Department

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Manufacture of metal structures

SMG has a unique production fleet of equipment that allows us to fulfill orders for the manufacture of steel structures of any complexity, weight and size characteristics.

A promising and developing direction for the SMG is the manufacture of bridge structures

  • Some of our fulfilled contracts for the period 2015-2020:
  • The Zaporizhzhyan road bridge – 3 500 tons;
  • Span of the bridge Reni - Odessa - 470 tons;
  • One of pedestrian bridges in Kiev – 43 tons;
  • Road bridge via railway in Kozatin – 224 tons.
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  • SMG production of steel structures and performed installation supervision for 3 thickener tanks with a supporting part of TENOVA DELKOR for Southern Mining and Processing Plant.
  • The new hydraulic complex is the first project in Ukraine offering a more efficient and environmentally friendly method for processing, transporting and storing waste rock (tailings) after enrichment;
  • The designer of this product was the German company ENGINEEREING DOBERSEK GMBH;
  • The total weight of metal structures is 2 012 tons. The diameter of each tank is 62 m and the height is 10,9 m.

During the execution of the contract for the company SAIPEM to produce steel structures, SMG passed certification and approval as a builder of offshore structures by SAIPEM and SHELL. Steel structures were manufactured with a warranty period of 25 years. All these works we provide under the strong inspection and control of the state controllers and Classification inspectors ensuring the highest quality of works.