Head of Machine-building department

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Machine building

The enterprise is furnished with general-purpose and special technological equipment and is ready for implementation mostly of any kind of engineering product.

High-skilled personnel with job shops production experience allows for output of world-class products.

Core productions

  • Metal production
  • Metal works and mechanical assembly production

Metal production

Carbon and alloyed steel castings


Hull castings: brackets, stern frames, chocks, housings, covers

General machinery products – wheels, gear-wheels, cylinders, plates etc.

Shaped casting weight – up to 2 700 kg

Anchors – Hall, Admiralty, High Holding Power (АС-14) types

Ingots – of up to 4700 kg weight

Steel grades: carbon steel – steel 20, 25, 35, 45, 50;

low-alloyed – 17Г2С, 20Г, 30ГСЛ, 16ГДНМЛ, 08ГДНФЛ, 5ХНМ, 40Х, 40ХН, 30ХМА, 30ХГТ, 38ХНЗМА, 40ХН2МА, У8 etc.

The products are supplied with certificates of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, Lloyd’s Register, Germanischer Lloyd.

Iron and non-ferrous alloy castings


Fittings, covers, wheels, branch pipes, T-pieces, bushes, rods

Castings weight: shaped casting – up to 650 kg, centrifugal casting – up to 1 000 kg

Alloy grades:

- Grey cast iron - СЧ-15, СЧ-20, СЧ-30, ИЧХ28Н2, ЧХ32;

- Bronze - БрА9ЖЗЛ, БрА9Мц2Л, БрО5Ц5С5 etc;

- Brass – ЛЦ16К4, ЛЦ40Мц1,5, ЛЦ10;

- Aluminium alloys – АК12, Амг5Мц etc.



Shafts, rolled rings, bushes, discs, gear wheels, die blocks, eye-bolts, lifting eyes, wing nuts, bolts М12 - М30 etc.

Forging weight: hammer forging – up to 200 kg, press forging – up to 4 500 kg, closed die forging – up to 7 kg

Steel grades: steel 20, 25, 35, 45, 50, 5ХНМ, 40Х, 40ХН, 30ХМА, 30ХГТ, 38ХН3МА, 40ХН2МА, У8 etc.

The products are supplied with certificates of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, Lloyd’s Register, Germanischer Lloyd.

Metal works and mechanical assembly production

Deck machinery

Mooring, anchor-mooring, anchor capstans

Hoist, boat, ladder winches

Reels, stoppers, devices to release the inboard end of cable

Rudderstocks for steering gears


- Propeller and intermediate shafts with maximum length of up to 32 m and diameter 100 – 650 mm

- Sterntube arrangements

Sound-signaling appliances

- Air and electric tyfons

- Air and steam whistles


- From DN 6 mm to DN 50 mm PN 16MPa (160 kg/sq.sm);

- Up to DN 300 mm PN 1,6 MPa (16kg/sq.sm)

General purpose engineering products

Equipment for sugar industry enterprises:

- column extractor (diffuser) ЭКА-2, ЭКА-3

- components of rotary diffuser РЗ-ЦДР and spares to it

- beet washer СЛ-6 and spares to it

- light impurity arrestor УЛП-6

- trash extractor В-2400, В-4200

- sugar scalder for 15 000 tons

- electric pump unit

- spiral conveyors, belts

- cylinder double reduction gears РЦ2-12,5-0,25, РЦ2-31,5-0,25, РЦ2-25

- 5 and spares for them

- vertical planetary triple reduction gear units РВП3-176-6,7 and spares for them

- extruder

Articles for wind towers:

- hub

- main shaft in assy

- frame

- flanges

Articles for vetsanfactories:

Destructor to make ground bone from meat-processing industry waste products

For iron and steel works:

- Guide bar maintenance

- Roll chocks

- Push rod maintenance

- Tongs of 46 tons and 110 tons lifting capacity

- Bodies of steel-teeming ladles

- Hooks and beams

- Build-up repair of rolling mills rollers

- Build-up repair of hydraulic pump plungers ф1500 mm.

For mining processing plants (MPP):

- Lock feeder drums

- Grabs

- Wheel pairs of travelling cranes

- Crane hooks

- Mill sizing trommels

- Raw material and intermediate product feeding hoppers

- Pump shafts and roll tables shafts

- Track, jockey and support rollers

- Fixed bar grizzlies, hammer mills

- Molds and lining of overturning chamber

- Ferrules, furnace body and quenching drum shells and details for them

- Feed grids

- Plate feeder and conveyer rollers of all types

- Pallet cars

- Single-spiral feeders of revolving furnace and mills

- Shafts with blades and plates

- Dosing mechanisms

- Casting forms

- Rolling mill cassettes

- Runner rollers, wet-pan mills

- Ladles for liquid ferrous alloys

- Molds

- Moulding boxes

- Plate stand gratings

- Furnace bodies and their equipment

Metal-working machinery capacities

Lathe turning The largest diameter is 1 650 mm, the largest length - 32 000 mm
Vertical turning The largest diameter is 3 000 mm, the largest length - 1 600 mm

Round grinding – the largest diameter is 820 mm, length - 6 000 mm

Flat grinding – the largest width is 1 500 mm, length - 5 000 mm

Internal grinding – diameter 150 mm with the largest length of 500 mm, diameters 150…500 mm with the largest length – 1 000 mm


Spindle diameter 80…250 mm, table size up to 2 000 mm


Modulus up to 30, diameter up to 3 000 mm


Modulus 12, diameter 800 mm

The largest weight of machined part is up to 30 tons, on boring machines – up to 50 tons