Head of Shipbuilding Division

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The yards of the Group have extensive experience in modernization of vessels of various types and purposes. As a rule, the yards perform the below works on ships’ modernization:

  • Installation of new cargo hatch-side coamings (increase of actual coaming height by 2.5 meters) with new deck formation;
  • Mounting of transverse bulkheads
  • Increase of forecastle height and change of poop deck architecture
  • Mounting of new accommodation and wheel house, modernization of living quarters according to International Labor Organization;
  • Increase of tank top height in ship’s cargo zone.
  • Elongation of ship’s length (increase of cargo carrying capacity) by mounting of extra parallel middlebody with all associated works on reconstruction after ship’s lengthening;
  • Re-equipment of ship’s service and special purpose systems.

The most prominent projects are the following:

  • Project CNF 03 – modernization of sea tugs into railway ferries;
  • Project RST 26 – modernization of oil-and-ore carriers into chemical tankers;
  • Projects 005RSD06 and RSD 11 CHELSEA type – modernization of Volgo-Dons, 11 units were constructed.